Updating brick

29-Dec-2017 20:17

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When you’re finished, your fireplace looks like it’s been rebuilt with a different color brick.

You’re the only one who has to know it’s been painted!

Exterior latex paint also works on most siding applications.

I was able to sell it to my husband because it simply stains the brick, it doesn't change the texture of the surface like paint can sometimes.Immerse a stiff brush into the solution and lightly scrub your fireplace to clean the dirt and residue off of the bricks.Spritz with clear water to rinse and blot dry with a clean cloth.It comes with 5 shades of paint for brick that work together to shade each one to create a “real brick”, not a painted, look for your fireplace.

An easy to follow instructional DVD makes the project simple.

Hire a contractor to tear the whole thing out and start over with another building material like tile, marble or granite.3. Most of us are working on a limited budget so why not try the “painting” option first. Painting your brick can be done pretty quickly if you go to the paint store, buy a can of paint and paint away.